Representation (litigation) at courts and arbitration courts, in the state and municipal institutions


- Representation in civil and administrative cases (before admissible institutions and courts)
- Drafting of constitutional claims and representation in the Constitutional court
- Representation in the Latvian and international arbitration courts
Partners of our law office have extensive experience in representing physical and legal persons in the Latvian courts, before the Senate of the Supreme Court and in the Constitutional court. They provide legal assistance in complicated litigations related to trademark and other intellectual property disputes, labor disputes, contract execution and ownership rights.
Attorneys of our law office have represented interests of clients in almost any independently functioning arbitration court in Latvia both as representatives for the parties and as arbitrators. Jānis Rozenfelds, the senior partner and founder of the law office, has considerable experience in representing clients in Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. Jānis Rozenfelds is the arbitrator of the Latvian International Arbitration court, Arbitration Court of Association of Commercial Banks of Latvia, the Latvian Arbitration, Court of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hansa International Arbitration Court and National Arbitration and Mediator's (NAM).